Monday, February 28, 2022

The Superpowers & Their Delusions

When a nation is a superpower, its every delusion is a fact. Till 1930, when the British Empire was at its zenith, their every delusion was a fact. They possessed the military and economic power to force their rivals to treat the British delusions as facts. 

After winning the Second World War, America became a superpower and it acquired the power to treat its delusions as the ultimate facts of the universe. The American delusions have led to series of rebellions, coups, and wars, which have devastated several countries—the American strategists have conceived a number of madcap economic, environmental, and healthcare doctrines which have wreaked havoc on global trade and made life difficult, particularly for the poor and the middle class. The American agenda of imposing its delusions on Eastern Europe is the primary cause of the ongoing war in Ukraine. 

The British, when they were a superpower, were content with being great. The Americans want to be good and great, and so are neither.

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