Tuesday, February 15, 2022

On the American Policy of Weakening Europe

If Europe finds itself incapable of defending Ukraine from Russia, then they should blame their ally, America, for their weakness. After the Second World War, one of the goals of American foreign policy was to weaken Europe and make it dependent on American military support. The Americans discouraged the Europeans from expanding their military and getting involved in regions of strategic importance, especially the Middle East. 

In his 1973 “Year of Europe” speech, Henry Kissinger warned about the danger of the Europeans hobnobbing with the Middle Eastern and North African nations and negotiating trade deals which were not monitored by the USA. He said that the mission of his diplomacy was to ensure that the Europeans and the Japanese did not become unilaterally active in diplomacy. He believed that the Europeans and the Japanese should talk to the world after taking America into confidence. The American policy of keeping Europe weak and dependent precedes Kissinger; it goes back to President Truman. 

In 1947, Truman said that control of Greece was critical for safeguarding America’s Middle Eastern interests. He was opposed to any Euro-Arab dialogue. One of the consequences of the America-backed 1953 coup in Iran that brought the Shah to power was the transfer of 40 percent interest in Iranian oil from British to American hands. In my opinion, the EU project has failed because the machiavellians of Washington have sabotaged it.

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