Sunday, February 27, 2022

Ukraine and the Endgame for the West

What matters is not the weapon, but the will to wield the weapon. The Western nations have all sorts of high-tech weapons but they lack the will to wield the weapons, because they got corrupted by the 300 years of uninterrupted global power that they have enjoyed. After the 1960s, they became incapable of fighting pitched battles—the kind of pitched battles which consumed thousands of lives in the First and the Second World Wars, and the Korean and Vietnam wars. 

The Western military strategists have developed a peripheral war strategy, which allows them to maintain their global power through maritime and airborne military systems. The peripheral war strategy relies almost wholly on high-tech weapons—the idea of putting Western soldiers in the war zone is an anathema to this strategy. But without having men on the ground, foreign territory cannot be controlled. Due to their unwillingness to put the lives of their soldiers at risk by engaging the enemy in pitched battles on land, the West has failed to win any war after 1960. 

In the ongoing Ukraine war, the West is powerless to do anything except whining and complaining. This is a land war—in this war, the peripheral war strategy won’t work. If the Western powers were serious about stopping Russia, they would have sent thousands of their troops (at least 50,000) to engage the Russians in pitched battles. But they will not send their young men to fight in Ukraine. They won’t do anything except making statements on TV, threatening to impose economic sanctions on Russia, and getting a few UN resolutions passed.

In the twenty-first century, Western military power is a cliche and a myth. If the West cannot defend Ukraine, then it cannot defend its interests in other hotspots. If they cannot defend something, then why should they be allowed to keep it? The prize in the war that Russia has started is not Ukraine, it is the entire Western empire. Flashpoints will keep erupting in different parts of the globe, and at some point of time, the Western nations will be forced to fight pitched battles which will turn out to be their Waterloo.

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