Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Ukraine: The Pitfalls of American Support

The American politicians and journalists are talking about arming the Ukrainian insurgents to fight the Russians. This is such an evil proposal. Do they remember the catastrophic consequences of Ronald Reagan’s arming of the Afghan insurgents in the 1980s to fight the Soviet army? His government armed the most fundamentalist groups in Afghanistan. These America-armed fundamentalist groups destroyed Afghan culture and created the global problem of religious terrorism.

The Ukrainians should fight on their own; they should never accept American weapons. If they accept American weapons, their country will turn into an Afghanistan like lawless place for the next 50 years. The Americans don’t give a damn about Ukraine; all they care about is their own global power play. They will arm the worst groups in Ukraine, the ones which are made up of unruly and fundamentalist elements (like they have done in Afghanistan and several other places). These groups will do more damage to Ukrainian culture than to the Russian military. 

Lot of damage has already been done to Ukraine because they became too close to the corrupt and machiavellian political establishment in America. Now Ukraine should aspire for independence from both Russia and America.

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