Thursday, February 17, 2022

On America’s Orwellian Policy of Warfare

Since the Second World War, America has not made a formal declaration of war against any country—despite the fact that this country has been waging wars continuously since the Second World War, and the number of overseas bases where American troops are permanently deployed varies between 600 to 800. The American constitution says that only the Congress has the power to make a formal declaration of war. While the Congress has funded all the wars, it has never made a formal declaration of war.

The policy of waging wars without declaring a war is clearly Orwellian. In his book 1984, Orwell wrote the phrase: “War is peace.” This phrase applies to America, a country that likes to pretend that it is perpetually peaceful despite the fact that it is perpetually at war. The President is not the only Orwellian Big Brother who has the power to bypass the Congress and start a new war. The American intelligence agencies are Big Brothers in their own right. They have been accused of organizing coups, counterrevolutions, and insurgencies (without taking permission from the Congress) in several countries—in Europe, the Middle East, South America, North Africa, and South Asia. 

Due to the excessive projection of American military power, many nations (including those in Europe) could not build their own military might—they became dependent on America and could not develop a regional balance of power. As the American economy and culture continue to decline (a process that I believe is irreversible), America will be forced to cut down its military expenses. The disappearance of American military power will create in several parts of the world a geopolitical vacuum, which other powers will rush in to fill. This could lead to a series of new conflicts which could go on for decades.

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