Friday, February 25, 2022

Ukraine: The Battleground for a New World Order

I have never seen Putin wearing a mask. I have never seen Xi Jinping wearing a mask. I frequently see Biden wearing a mask even when he is in a video conference. I frequently see the heads of state in Western Europe wearing masks. 

What does this tell you about the character of the world leaders? Are Putin and Xi Jinping more confident, courageous, and aggressive than Biden and the leaders of Western Europe? Are Russia and China more powerful than America and Western Europe? Fighting a war is chiefly a matter of will—in the ongoing Ukraine war, it seems that the Russians are displaying a stronger will than the Americans. Pax Americana is finished.

I do not support Russia and China. But I have contempt for the hypocritical, corrupt, and deceitful political leadership in the Western countries. America does not deserve to be the master of the world. Putin might end up doing mankind a big favor if he manages to weaken America. I see the war in Ukraine as a war for building a new world order.

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