Monday, February 28, 2022

The Problem of NATO’s Expansion

If the Soviet Union was still in existence and Mexico and Canada wanted to join the Warsaw Pact, would America allow it? We know what America did to Nicaragua in the 1980s (and several times before that), and how they threatened Cuba with nuclear annihilation during the Cuban Missile crisis of the 1960s. No empire allows its neighboring countries to become powerful and enter into an alliance with its primary geopolitical rival. The British have plundered and starved Ireland for 400 years, since the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, to stop the Irish from building close ties with the Catholic nations of mainland Europe. 

Russia is doing in Ukraine exactly what America has been doing in South America since the 1950s. The Russians are actually much less brutal than the British were with the Irish. America and Britain are the primary architects of the mess in Ukraine. They destabilized the region by encouraging several East European countries to join NATO. In 2004, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Latvia, Bulgaria, and Estonia joined NATO. In 2009, Croatia and Albania joined; in 2017 Montenegro; and in 2020, Macedonia. If America and Britain want peace, then why are they expanding NATO, which is the world’s most heavily armed military alliance? In the post-Soviet world, what is the purpose of NATO? The Ukraine border is 500 kms from Moscow. Russia cannot allow Ukraine to become part of NATO.

The Russians have been extremely patient with America and Western Europe—they have allowed NATO to expand into their backyard. If so many countries from South America had joined a Russia led alliance, World War III might have already happened.

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