Sunday, March 20, 2022

Creative Lies, Banal Truths

To be really creative, you need to be a liar. Truth is dull, because it consists of simple and straightforward depictions of reality; it does not require imagination, because it is an exposition of things that should be obvious to all; it is banal, because it is observable and verifiable. But a lie is enmeshed in twists and turns, because it is antithetical to reality; it is interesting to read, because it is expressed through very well-written and well-argued essays, stories, and treatises; it is seldom banal, because it is motivated by imagination, rationalizations, and hidden agendas. Any man with a mediocre brain can see the truth in most cases, if he chooses to use his mind, but to create a powerful world-transforming lie, you need brilliant intellectuals and politicians.

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