Friday, March 25, 2022

Propaganda in the Ukraine War

“And rumor walked blazing among them…” ~ Homer, The Iliad

Rumor is blazing in the Ukraine war. Much of this rumor is Western propaganda. The newspapers and the TV channels are full of it. The websites are full of it. If you don’t see through this propaganda, you are either a globalist and an imperialist or a fool. If you do not understand the concerns that are motivating the Russian military action, then you have no sense of history.

In the Ukraine War, the Russians are the good guys, the Western political establishment are the bad guys, and the Ukrainians are the patsies of the West.

In 1823, President James Monroe formulated the Monroe doctrine which stipulates that the entire Western Hemisphere is America’s backyard in which no foreign power is allowed to develop a military base. For two hundred years, the Americans have strictly enforced the Monroe doctrine. Remember how the Americans reacted when Cuba tried to have Soviet missiles on its soil. They will never allow any South American country to develop alliances with Asian powers.

The problem is that America (along with its collaborators in Western Europe) wants to control the Eastern Hemispheres too. If one power wants to dominate the whole world, then wars become inevitable. Russia was forced to invade Ukraine to keep the Americans out of its backyard. If the Americans were to take control of Ukraine, then Russia would be their next target. To save itself, Russia had to invade Ukraine.

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