Thursday, March 17, 2022

Modern Men: The Creators of Hell

Modern men are rogues. In their technologies and philosophies, they look for a way of creating paradise (utopia), but first and foremost they are the creators of hell. 

The foundations of paradise always rest on hell’s unforgiving ground. Since a paradise is built on the ground that is hell, there exists a symbiotic relationship between paradise and hell. Hell comes first; the process of civilization starts with the creation of hell. It is in hell that the cultural norms and political doctrines are first conceived and propagated. Paradise is built at a later stage.

To build a paradise for the few, the modern man must first create a hell for many. After a hell of sufficient size and scope has been created, the campaign for building a relatively small paradise can commence. In the hands of the modern man, the technologies and philosophies become the tools for creating hell for many and a paradise for the few.

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