Saturday, March 19, 2022

Three Sides of the Ukraine War

In the Ukraine war, there are three sides (American, Russian, and Ukrainian): One side is stupid, the second is insane, and the third is both stupid and insane. With so much stupidity and insanity going around, the outcome of this war cannot be decided in Ukraine. A much higher level of carnage is needed to flush out the stupidity and insanity that clogs the world’s political systems. 

In the next one to three years, Western Europe, North America, and parts of Asia and North Africa will become a battleground. The heartlands of the Western Empire (Western Europe and North America) have not experienced a major conflict after the Second World War (for almost three generations). In the next three years, they will find out how it feels to live in a city or town that is under attack by enemy forces.

The nations which aspire for global power must at some point of time become the venue for a global conflict. The First and the Second World Wars were fought in Europe because, for 300 years, the Europeans were trying to rule the world. Nature has a way of balancing things—with the positive comes the negative; with global power comes global war.

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