Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Russia and China are Hunting for Big Game

A big game hunting season is underway. It seems that Russia and China are now hunting for the biggest game of the last 100 years: America. Ukraine is too small to feed the massive appetites of Russia and China—the long term project of these two countries is to overthrow American (Western) hegemony. 

Russia and China (supported by a number of their secret allies) represent a formidable power. They will cause some serious damage to America, and that will lead to geopolitical shifts. But America is not going to be an easy prey—it is the world’s most warlike nation. The hunters could become the hunted.

There is no innocent and moral David in this fight. It is evil Goliath versus evil Goliath—the Russian and Chinese Goliath versus the American (Western) Goliath.

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