Tuesday, January 4, 2022

The Western Bluff Masters & Their Seven Categories of History

The Western historians of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were the ultimate bluff masters. They were the ultimate propagandists. They concocted the notion that the Western civilization was founded on good philosophy, rational politics, art, and science, and that it stood for liberty, peace, democracy, and individualism. Look at the lofty-sounding categories for Western history that they have tried to palm off on the world:

1. The Classical Age

2. The Roman Age

3. The Middle Ages

4. The Renaissance

5. The Scientific Revolution

6. The Enlightenment

7. The Modern Age 

These seven categories are the most beautiful bullshit that the Western historians have ever concocted and they socked it to the world like the Spanish conquistadors socked it to the native American tribes. 

These categories give no clue of the character of the political and cultural forces that were operating in Europe in the last 3000 years. They do not tell you that Europe was the most violent and tyrannical place in the world in the last 3000 years. They do not tell you that slavery was a constant feature of the West since the Classical Age. They do not tell you that in the last 300 years, the Western powers have committed plunder, rapine, and genocide on a humongous scale; they have wiped out civilizations and conquered continents; they have transported between 12 to 20 million Africans across the Atlantic to work as slaves. 

The categories of Western history, according to me, should be:

1. The Age of Greek Slavery and Carnage (700 BC to 146 BC)

2. The Age of Roman Slavery and Carnage (149 BC to 476 AD)

3. The Age of Feudalism (5th century to 11th century)

4. The Age of the Crusades (11th century to 15th century)

5. The Age of the Conquistadors (15th century to 16th century)

6. The Age of Imperialism (17th century to 1950)

7. The Age of the American Empire (1950 to 2010)

When you read Western history from the standpoint of the seven categories that I have noted, you will realize that the Western civilization is not even a predatory spider on the wall. They are part of the wall. They are a tiny blip in the history of mankind.

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