Friday, January 14, 2022

The Predatory Conquistador Mentality

Predatory men of the “conquistador mentality” can be useful pioneers, killers, and conquerors but they are the Achilles heel of an empire that is already a superpower. Such men cannot live without power, and power to them ultimately comes from their ability to inflict violence. They take peaceful coexistence as a sign of weakness and cowardice. They are driven to master other nations. They are driven to prove their superiority by plundering, killing, and conquering. They are driven to work out their Lord of the Flies hierarchy, in which their empire has a supreme position in the world. They drag their people into one unnecessary war after another until their empire is economically and culturally exhausted, and declines. The declining empire becomes the target of scavengers who rush in from all over the world and take whatever they can.

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