Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Two Movers of History: Thor and Loki

Thor is not the hero. He is the leader of the conservative regime which rules the galactic empire. Loki is not the villain. He is the revolutionary and the freedom fighter of the galaxy. 

Thor is the dog, trained by Odin to obey the rules and protect the realm. Loki is the halfbreed wolf who lives in the unruly lands outside the boundaries of the empire; he rejects Odin’s rules and is determined to overthrow the regime. Thor’s imperial power makes its own argument. Loki, the harbinger of chaos, makes the counterargument.

Thor and Loki are antagonistic forces but they need each other to become relevant. If Loki was not there to create chaos, Thor would become complacent, decadent, and weak. If Thor was not there to create a tightly regulated empire, Loki would not find a powerful regime which he might overthrow. 

History moves through the clash between the forces of order and the forces of chaos. When Thor becomes a tyrant, Loki fights for freedom and anarchy. When Loki unleashes chaos, Thor imposes conformity and order. Without the contest of opposing forces, there would be no glory, no innovation, no progress, and no history. 

The global empire in our time is Thor’s tyranny. I root for Loki.

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