Friday, January 28, 2022

Capitalism is Mephistophelian

“Honestly, inflation has always been a positive for our business.” ~ Jim Fitterling, CEO, Dow Inc., speaking to reporters in January 2022

Capitalism is Mephistophelian. The commodity chemical companies are cheering inflation. The pharma companies are cheering pandemics. The military equipment companies are cheering the Western wars. The digital companies are cheering the draconian social restrictions. The financial institutions are cheering the currency and interest rate manipulations. The media companies are cheering the theories of apocalypse which frighten the masses. 

The capitalists do not care about the disaster that the poor and the middle classes are facing due to inflation, wars, pandemics, draconian social restrictions, worldwide financial manipulation, and the unproven theories of worldwide apocalypse. They do not care about the millions of small businesses that have been forced to shut down or are struggling to survive. They do not care about the massive rise in unemployment. 

The capitalists care about profits; they care about market capitalization; they care about their ability to raise capital at low cost; they care about their clout with the predatory Western governments. They love the crooked policies which lead to the transfer of wealth from masses and the small businesses to the government and the capitalist class. They love the media’s apocalyptic propaganda which keeps the masses in a state of permanent fear. 

The idea that capitalism leads to liberty and free markets is a myth. Capitalism favors the Mephistophelian oligarchs who control the levers of power in the Western governments (America and Western Europe). If the Roman orator Marcus Porcius Cato (Cato the Censor) was alive today, he would have said: “Capitalism delenda est."

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