Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The Oligarchs & The Myth of Individualism

The idea that individualism is a noble ideal is a myth propagated by the Western capitalist oligarchs who control politics, academia, big businesses, and media. They don’t want the masses to unite and form political movements which will campaign for restricting the power and profits of the oligarchic corporations and institutions. To keep the masses divided, they propagate the myth that individualism is a noble ideal. 

As solitary individuals people are incapable of having a political and economic impact, unless they happen to be billionaires. The maximum that an individual can do is lodge a formal complaint, which will get ignored; write a letter to the local newspaper, which will have no effect; rant in the social media, which has no political value. The individualists are voiceless and powerless. A society of individualists has no means of defending itself against the capitalist oligarchs. 

To have a powerful voice, people have to unite; they have to find a common agenda; they have to develop political movements which will fight against the capitalist oligarchs.

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