Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Ten Totally False Philosophical Ideas

Ten philosophical ideas which are totally false but are accepted by most people who are influenced by Western propaganda: 

1. Democratic nations are peaceful 
2. Capitalism creates free markets and liberty 
3. Capitalism and communism are the only two options in the modern age
4. Men of reason are moral, scientific, and intelligent
5. The individualists are moral, intelligent, and rational
6. Private companies do not cause insurgencies, coups, and wars
7. Western civilization was founded on Greek philosophy, individualism, and capitalism
8. The democratic system was invented in Ancient Greece
9. Westernization of mankind is irreversible 
10. Economic and technological progress is certain in the future 

These ten totally false philosophical ideas (and many other false ideas) were propagated throughout the world in the last two hundred years by the Western intellectuals.

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