Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The Reason For Not Watching Vikram Vedha

Tarek Fateh

Just one reason should be enough for you to avoid squandering time and money on Saif Ali Khan’s new movie Vikram Vedha: He is an admirer of Taimur. In December 2016, Tarek Fateh wrote a brilliant article for Firstpost titled, “Taimur is to India what Hitler is to Israel.” He begins his article by asking the right question: “How could anyone in India name their son after a man who ordered so much bloodshed in India?” 

It is appalling that Saif has named his son after Taimur. In his article, Fateh writes: Taimur was a “genocidal maniac who not just slaughtered tens of thousands of Hindus in Delhi, but massacred countless Muslims in Iran and Turkey ending up reducing the world’s population by five percent (17 million back then). Not even Hitler came close to being such a marauding hate-mongering symbol of racial and religious fanaticism.”

Saif’s own name is warlike—Fatah points out that “Saif Ali” signifies “the sword of Prophet Mohammad’s son-in-law Ali.” Taking note of the fact that Saif’s wife Kareena has clarified in an interview that her husband was a historian and he wanted a traditional name for their son, Fatah conjectures that Saif’s decision to name his son “Taimur” might be a well-thought out process, and that he might have selected this name despite knowing that when Taimur invaded Delhi, he “ordered the slaughter of 100,000 Hindus in just one night.”

Fatah laments that Muslim society in the Indian subcontinent has developed a high “comfort level with mass murdering invaders.” He says that one Islamic cleric told him that he “considered invaders and marauders like Mahmud Ghaznawi, Muhammad Bin Qasim as his heroes, that he considered the murderous jihadi Mughal emperor Aurangzeb a saint.” 

He observes that the Muslims of Indonesia have Indonesian names; the Turks, the Iranians, the Kurds, the Balochis, and the Bosnians have names which are not Arab. But some Muslims of India and Pakistan are so alienated from the land of their birth that they want to adopt Arab names.

After knowing that Saif is an admirer of mass murdering invaders like Taimur, if you still decide to squander your time and money in watching his movie Vikram Vedha, then you will be making it clear that you have no love for your religion and no empathy for your country’s painful history. You feel no shame in standing with the cheerleaders of the barbaric invaders who have caused so much death and destruction in this country.

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