Friday, September 16, 2022

Four America-backed Military Dictatorships in 75-Years

Reagan with General Zia (1982)

Since its bloody birth seventy-five years ago, Pakistan has been under four military dictatorships: 1958 – 1969, under General Ayub Khan; 1969 – 1971, under General Yahya Khan; 1977 – 1988, under General Zia-ul-Haq; 1999 – 2008, under General Pervez Musharraf. The unique feature of these four dictatorships was that they were backed by America. The Machiavellians of Washington were the real mastermind behind the coups which brought these dictatorships to power.

In the 1950s, Pakistan joined the anti-communist alliances CENTO (which placed Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan under American command) and SEATO (which had America, Britain, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Thailand as members). CENTO and SEATO were modeled after the European anti-communist alliance, NATO. These two alliances turned Pakistan into America’s client state. In the 1980s, America used General Zia’s regime to create Islamic militancy in Afghanistan to defeat the Soviet Union. Two decades later, they used General Musharraf’s regime to subdue the Afghan militants. During the process of creating and subduing the Afghan militancy tens of thousands of people died in South Asia. Though India had nothing to do with the geopolitical game that the Americans were playing in Afghanistan and Pakistan, a lot of death and destruction happened in this country (especially in the region of Kashmir).

If you believe that America is pro-democracy and free markets, then you are a fool lost in the mythical world of Arabian nights. America’s only priority is to maintain Western supremacy in the world. If the Americans realize that the only way they can maintain Western supremacy is by getting in bed with Satan (military dictators and fundamentalist mullahs in countries like Pakistan), they will jump into bed without a second thought.

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