Thursday, September 29, 2022

Hinduphobic Bigotry of British Media

Muslim Protestors Outside Temple 

in Leicester

In his article, "When are we going to talk about Hinduphobia,” (Spiked, 27 September 2022),  Brendan O’Neill talks about anti-Hindu bigotry in British media. Here’s the opening paragraph of his article:

“So when are we going to talk about Hinduphobia? After all, if all the things that are currently being said about Britain’s Hindu communities were said about our Muslim communities, the broadsheets would be awash with angry thinkpieces about Islamophobia. If journalists were poking around in Muslim areas for the merest hint of an extremist view, if they were saying that street disturbances in Muslim areas were a ‘wake-up call’ on the broader poison of Islamic extremism, liberal talking heads would be furiously tut-tutting over the Islamophobia of it all. Those hacks would be accused of inciting religious hatred.”

O’Neill notes in his article that “the media’s assaults on ‘chauvinistic’ Hindus, alongside their paternalistic treatment of the Muslim community as blameless, tell us a broader story about the communal favouritism of the identitarian elites.” In other words, the British media is deeply communal—they are biased against the Hindus. According to O’Neill, Britain’s journalists are convinced that the British Muslims are the “ultimate victim community,” while the Hindus, along with the whites and the Jews, belong to the “privileged community.”

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