Monday, August 19, 2019

Modern Man is Anti-Darwinian

The modern man is the Darwinian’s worst nightmare. The Darwinian theory preaches that all forms of life are practical and serious—that the actions of all creatures are motivated by the overarching aim of ensuring the survival of their species. But the modern man is impractical and unserious—he is extravagant and wasteful. To him, the luxuries are more necessary than the necessities. His focus is on movies, music, dancing, painting, fashionable clothes, bigger house, and faster vehicles. Sex for him is an end in itself; procreation, or survival of his species, is the least of his concern. Contraception and termination of unwanted pregnancies is a common feature of the modern way of life—the modern man is the only creature that tries to hinder procreation. He does not mind putting his life at risk by his unhealthy eating and drinking habits. He is playful, superfluous, and frivolous. He is often lazy and avoids exercise. Modern man’s way of life is not in conformity with Darwinian logic. If the Darwinian theory of evolution is correct, then what is the future of an impractical, unserious, extravagant, and wasteful creature like modern man?


Anonymous said...

You haven't mentioned any underlying causes for this present state of humanity though. Scores of analysis have been presented from all fields: psychology, sociology, political economy. Why is mankind engaged in self destructive modes of living? I've read enough to fill a library on it. My conclusion from Ernest Becker: the existential fear of death creeping through the subconscious.

BostonPatriot said...

My understanding of the existential fear of death is that nothing remains of the human being post-death--no consciousness, no soul-- nothing..