Sunday, August 25, 2019

Freedom is Not a Universal Solution

Freedom is not a panacea. A few nations are energized by freedom but most are apathetic to it. There are nations where people are incapable of taking charge of their own life; they are habituated to being told what they must do for earning their bare necessities. If there is no one around to give orders, they feel cheated of their way of life. The idea of freedom is of importance in the nations which enjoy a relatively high standard of living and where people have become addicted to luxuries. In places where luxuries are not available, people have no conception of a better life, and they don’t care about freedom.

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Anonymous said...

Agree. Recently read from Thomas Sowell, that the concept of freedom, free, wasn't even in the vocabulary of a majority of non Western countries.Without the vast multi layered process involved in distinguishing between individual and collective, as the West went through (hundreds of years with the Reformation, Enlightenment, Counter Enlightenment Romanticism and all the political theories formulated) we can't expect people to embrace democracy and individuality just because we know it's far better than what we too had, hundreds of years ago. This is what makes current political and economic theories and do-gooders,those bleeding hearts woke leftists, laughable.Not only is the infrastructure missing but the philosophy behind, being responsible for your own life.