Friday, July 1, 2022

Akhand Bharat in 2057

From the eighteenth century onwards, in the 57th year of every century, the Indian subcontinent has been rocked by momentous political events. 

In 1757, there was the Battle of Plassey which marked the beginning of the end of Islamic power in India, and the rise of the East India Company and a number of Hindu rulers and movements. 

In 1857, there was the Great Mutiny, which resulted in the takeover of the East India Company’s domains in India by the British monarch. The events of this year also contributed to the rise of Hindu movements which started struggling for the country's independence. 

In 1957, India had its second general election, which played a crucial role in establishing the democratic system in the country. The Indian currency was decimalized in 1957. This year also marks the beginning of border skirmishes between India and China. 

Will 2057 be as momentous for India as 1757, 1857, and 1957 were? Is “Akhand Bharat” possible in 2057? In 35 years, we will have the answer to these questions.

(Some will take this post as a joke; others will take it seriously.)

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