Sunday, July 10, 2022

2019 Election as the Third Battle of Panipat

In January 2019, Amit Shah launched the BJP’s election campaign by drawing an analogy with the third battle of Panipat (1761). Speaking to party cadres, he said: “2019 will be a decisive contest like the third battle of Panipat. Marathas had won over 131 battles but lost in Panipat against the forces of Ahamd Shah Abdali. Maratha defeat led to over 200 years of colonial slavery.” He urged Indians not to make a similar mistake again. He proclaimed that the BJP was not going to be on the defensive about its image as a "Hinduwadi" party. His words struck the right chord with Hindu nationalists who believe that India’s struggle for independence began in the seventeenth century when Chhatrapati Shivaji laid the foundation of the Maratha Empire. The 2019 election turned out to be a bigger victory for the BJP than the 2014 election.

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