Friday, July 22, 2022

Boris Johnson’s Final Words: “Hasta la vista, baby”

Boris Johnson

“Hasta la vista, baby!” ~ Boris Johnson’s final words as prime minister to the British parliament. 

Johnson was quoting Schwarzenegger’s catchphrase in the movie Terminator 2. It is noteworthy that Schwarzenegger, as the Terminator, could not stop the apocalypse from happening. In the next two sequels, Terminator 3 and Terminator 4, civilization is destroyed. 

Johnson thinks that he has said “Hasta la vista, baby,” as a joke to the British Parliament. But it seems as if he has said this to the Western civilization. The West has dominated the world for almost 300 years; now the age of Western supremacy has come to an end.  

Years from today, historians will write that Boris Johnson’s words—“Hasta la vista, baby”—proved prophetic. His words marked the end of the age of Western dominance of the world, and the dawn of a new age.

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