Friday, May 21, 2021

The Keynesian Ponzi Scheme

The FED’s balance sheet has soared to $7.923 trillion. Next week it will cross $8 trillion, and by 2022 it is certain to surpass $10 trillion. Add to this the high balance sheets that the central banks in other nations, especially the democratic ones, are running. We are living in the age of the greatest ponzi scheme in history. When this ponzi scheme goes bust, which will be quite soon, it will hit life on this planet with the force of a giant meteor. The world economy will be wiped out. A depression like condition will prevail for up to thirty years. The Western countries, which have a consumer driven economy, will be the hardest hit. But let’s look at the bright picture: With the annihilation of the world economy, we will finally manage to prove that the Keynesian theory of economics does not work.

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