Monday, May 24, 2021

Religion and Science

Science and technology do not possess the power to refute God and religion. This is because a belief in God and religion is not the mark of an irrational, uneducated, and naive mind, as the atheists claim. The religious people are often more well-read, rational, philosophical, and brilliant than those who reject religious belief. 

To prove the existence of their God, many religious thinkers have developed philosophical (theological) theories which are brilliant because they are rationally argued. People believe in God because they are driven by a biological instinct to transcend the material world and find a spiritual explanation for the universe. Some of the best philosophers, scientists, discoverers, and innovators in history were people with a religious bent of mind. The idea that religious people cannot make advancements in science and other intellectual endeavors is simply atheist propaganda. 

The need for God, theology (religion), and Holy Land is more fundamental to human beings than the lust for the marvels of technology.

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