Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Incredible Faith of the Left

“The theories of Marx are true because they are correct.” ~ popular slogan among the Russian communists in the 1930s (generally attributed to Josef Stalin). This tautological slogan is a sign of the faith that defines all leftist movements. Communism might be a God that has failed, but the leftists will never lose their faith. Their devotion to their ideology becomes stronger with every political disaster which is caused by their own policies and methods. They keep learning from past failures. They keep evolving their intellectual and political strategies. Today, with the massive success of their woke and the critical race theory revolution, which unlike the previous leftist revolutions has been executed in purely intellectual and experimental settings, with academics and university students as the revolutionaries, and words and displays of emotion and feelings as their weapons of destruction, the leftists stand at a new peak of intellectual and political power. They have overthrown capitalism and are the masters of the world.

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