Thursday, May 6, 2021

Socialism: The Politics of Santa Claus

Socialism is the God that has repeatedly failed to create a utopia, but since it is the God, it will always preside over our destiny. In his 1985 essay, “The Problems of a Successful American Foreign Policy,” Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn explains why the socialist parties enjoy a massive political advantage in democratic societies. He writes: “Socialism is a leftist ideology and as such it has the advantage of creating radical "Santa Claus parties," (i.e., parties promising material gifts to the many—and "security" besides). These parties, all of them left—some way left—of center, are in a more favorable position than the ones which are right of center. Nobody wants to kill Santa Claus and thus these parties cannot be defeated. They can, however, terminate their rule by committing proving utterly corrupt, by general failure, by putting up candidates who are obviously fools, bad orators or, worse still, ones who are unphotogenic. Yet, by appealing to one of the strongest (and lowest) human vices, envy, socialism-communism can arouse the masses anywhere, anytime, in the name of social justice.”