Saturday, May 8, 2021

History’s Happy Revolution: The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution which took place in Britain in the nineteenth century led to a steep rise in manufacturing activity and immense social transformations. The way of life of every class in Britain was transformed beyond recognition in the first fifty years of the nineteenth century. 

These social transformations were not met with social unrest. Most British in that period supported the social transformations and they willingly participated in the industrial activity. 

The intellectuals in our time claim that the religious and conservative people are against industrial development because they oppose all large-scale social transformations. But nineteenth century Britain was very religious and conservative. The question is: Why didn’t the religious and conservative people in nineteenth century Britain rebel? 

They didn’t rebel because along with social transformations, the Industrial Revolution led to economic betterment. People started earning more. Their standard of living improved. They started enjoying more liberty. They had access to better goods and services. Better infrastructure came up in their country.

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