Thursday, August 29, 2019

A Philosophy of Reason is a Philosophy of Ignorance

When a philosophy movement proclaims that it’s the world’s only “philosophy of reason,” it reveals its ignorance of the nature and scope of reason. The phrase “philosophy of reason” is illogical because it suggests that while some philosophies have been developed through the use of reason, others have made no use of reason. This is a silly assertion because every intellectual effort, rational or irrational, entails the use of reason.

Can you develop a nihilistic system of thought without using reason? Can you come up with a doctrine that denies the existence of the material world without using reason? Even to reject the role that reason plays in the development of knowledge you need reason. It goes without saying that every philosophy, irrespective of whether it’s right or wrong, good or bad, is a philosophy of reason. Even to lie you must use reason.

To proclaim that your philosophy is a philosophy of reason is as silly as proclaiming that your philosophy is by human beings.

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