Monday, October 31, 2022

Why I Prefer Musk Over Dorsey

Dorsey Holding the Placard 

“Smash Brahmanical Patriarchy”

One reason I am cheering Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter is that in 2018 I developed an intense dislike for the company’s previous CEO Jack Dorsey when I saw a picture of him attired in a fashion that is typical of America’s billionaire-bohemian-communists who control the global digital industry and standing in the company of some rabid anti-Hindu leftists with a placard in his hands that read “Smash Brahmanical Patriarchy.” 

A number of questions popped into my mind when I saw Dorsey with that sign, which I found stupid and racist: What does this guy know about Brahmanism? What does he know about India’s culture, history, and politics? What does he mean by the word “smash”—is he advocating violence against the Brahmins? Is he trying to foment a civil war? How did he get the idea that Brahmanism, which represents the intellectual and theological side of Hinduism, is patriarchal? 

Dorsey would not have dared to hold an anti-Muslim or an anti-Chinese placard. He would not have dared to hold a placard that highlighted the communist atrocities. But he could insult the Brahmins (Hindus) by flaunting the “Smash Brahmanical Patriarchy” placard, because he knew that the Hindus were peaceful people who would not do anything to punish him. Dorsey is a coward who goes after targets that are unlikely to retaliate.

The Brahmins have helped preserve India’s heritage under hellish circumstances. During the Middle Ages, when India was being ravaged by invasions of Islamic warlords, who plundered thousands of temples and converted them to mosques, destroyed many major universities, and tried to make Islam the dominant religion of the land, the Brahmins waged a long, traumatic, and mostly peaceful struggle to preserve Hindu culture. 

The knowledge of Hinduism would have vanished in the Middle Ages if the Brahmins had not preserved the wording of ancient manuscripts through their oral tradition. The Brahmins have made a critical contribution in keeping the tradition of Hindu rituals and festivals alive. It is because of the role that the Brahmins have played in the preservation of Hinduism that they are hated by the Islamists and the Western Evangelicals. 

In the ancient traditions of Hinduism there is no patriarchy. Patriarchy is a Semitic and European ideology—it arrived in India during the Middle Ages, through Islamic and Christian influences. The Western Evangelicals and the Middle Eastern Islamists want to blame the Hindus for the problems created by the ideology of their own religions. That is why they have created a worldwide propaganda claiming that Brahmanism is patriarchal and it needs to be smashed. 

By using his celebrity status to tar the Brahmins with false Evangelical and Islamist propaganda, Dorsey proved to the world that he is a clueless and supercilious twit. He has made billions but he has failed to develop the sensibility to respect other cultures. I am glad that he is no longer Twitter’s chief twit (tyrant)—that status now belongs to Elon Musk.

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