Saturday, October 29, 2022

Why I am Cheerleading Musk’s Purchase of Twitter

I am not a fan of Elon Musk. He is not a businessman. He is a clinically delusional oligarch. He is as clinically delusional as the other oligarchs of America: The leaders of Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and several other multinational corporations. These oligarchs are the ungainly spawn of capitalism which is a myth invented by Western imperialists and leftists who want to dominate the world. 

Capitalism does not create free markets; it does not create genuine democracy—it leads to the rise of clinically delusional oligarchs who are in bed with the central banks, the political establishment, and the academic and media institutions. 

But I have been cheerleading Musk’s purchase of Twitter. This is because I expect him to be the meteor that will smash into the earth and wipe out capitalism, and free the world from the crooked banking, intellectual, and political establishments which are being financed by the economic activities of the clinically delusional oligarchs. I am certain that Twitter in Musk’s hands will prove to be a spectacularly destructive meteor. 

Musk’s flagship company Tesla is already facing severe financial problems; in a couple of years, it is likely to go bankrupt. He is a man of action—when his financial problems aggravate, he will not sit idle. He will want to do something and then he will make some really crazy decisions. Instead of solving his financial problems, his crazy decisions will create chaos in the digital and banking multinationals. 

Digital companies will go bankrupt; banks and insurance companies will fall like dominos; universities and media companies will be captured by revolutionaries; there will be revolutions and several governments will be overthrown.

I expect capitalism (which as I said earlier is a creation of Western imperialists and leftists) to be wiped out in the next 5 to 10 years. With the end of capitalism, communism and socialism will become irrelevant, and the Western tyranny will finally come to an end. After Western power is gone, some genuinely free market economies might emerge in some parts of the world.

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