Tuesday, October 11, 2022

The Long-Term Machiavellian Policy

NATO military convoy in Eastern Europe

The long-term policy of the Machiavellians of the American Empire is to create a new map of the non-Western world that is like the Middle Ages—they want to break all large non-Western countries into small entities which will keep warring with each other on religious, ethnic, and economic grounds. They think that they will be able to play the small warring entities against each other and extract economic and geopolitical advantages from them. 

In the 1990s, the Americans dismembered Yugoslavia because they believed that this country was too big and too nationalistic to be controlled from Washington. For the same reason, they are now taking covert and overt measures to dismember Russia. If they succeed in dismembering Russia, they will turn their attention to some other large country. They believe that once all the large countries like Russia, China, India, and Brazil have been broken in small bits and parts, there will be no further challenge to Western hegemony. After the breakup of Yugoslavia, some American policy makers claimed that India could be the next target.

This is a dangerous long-term policy that the Americans are following, and in the near future, they and their European allies will pay a heavy price. The dismembering of Yugoslavia did not create peace—it created a white Muslim nation (Bosnia) in the heart of Europe. In the ongoing Ukraine war, if Russia is weakened, then the Islamic rebels in Chechnya will be emboldened to try to create an Islamic state. Russians have alleged in the past that there was a covert alliance between the Bosnian mujahideen and Chechen rebels. Instead of protecting Western hegemony, the Americans are facilitating the surrender of large parts of Europe to white Islamic supremacists.

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