Sunday, August 14, 2022

The Islamization of the West

It is not surprising that the long arm of the fatwa caught up with Salman Rushdie in New York. America is fast becoming the global epicenter of Islamization. Joel Richardson’s 2009 book, The Islamic Antichrist, is on the correlation between the prophecies regarding end of days in Biblical and Islamic texts. In the book’s Chapter I, “Why This Book? Waking up to the Islamic Revival,” he suggests that America might become an Islamic country by 2050. Here’s an excerpt:

“The annual growth rate of Islam in the U.S. is approximately 4 percent, but there are strong reasons to believe that it may have risen to as high as 8 percent over the past few years. Every year, tens of thousand of Americans convert to Islam. Prior to 2001 most reports have the number at roughly twenty-five thousand American converts to Islam per year. This may not sound like much, but this yearly figure, according to some Muslim American clerics, has quadrupled since 9/11. That’s right: since 9/11 the number of American converts to Islam has skyrocketed.”

According to Richardson, most conversions are happening in America’s urban areas. He writes: “The greater Chicago metropolitan area for instance is home to well over 350,000 Muslims. Greater New York City has twice that number with over seven hundred thousand Muslims.” He rues that many of the new converts were getting radicalized. America’s elite universities and mosques are as guilty of producing Islamic radicals as the madrasas in non-Western countries. He offers similar statistics for the nations in Western Europe.

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