Friday, August 5, 2022

The Consequence of the Loss of Ancient Gods

Great Sphinx of Giza

The civilization of the Egyptians is as ancient as the civilization of India’s Hindus and the Ancient Greeks. But the Egyptians lost their Gods, and therefore they lost connection with their ancient culture, which gave birth to the awe-inspiring Pyramids. 

Such is the pull of Islam that, in the twentieth century, the Egyptians abolished the ancient name of their country. In 1958, when they formed a political union with Syria (including the Gaza Strip), they tried to Arabize themselves by adopting the name United Arab Republic. The Egyptians retained the name United Arab Republic even after the union of their country with Syria was dissolved in 1961. Then in 1967, they went to war with Israel over a piece of land—Palestine—that had no connection with Egypt. In 1971, President Sadat, brought back the old name Egypt.  

Islam is the only religion that possesses the pull to make people as ancient as the Egyptians give up their traditional religion and their sense of historical continuity. Christianity does not make people renounce their past to the extent that Islam does. When the Europeans converted to Christianity (after the fourth century), they did not renounce their Greek and Roman heritage. They continued to use the legal systems, cultural ideas, political systems, and Greek and Roman mythology. Modern Europeans and Americans take pride in their Greek and Roman heritage. 

There is an important lesson for Hindus in this—if the Hindus lose their Gods, then they might lose their ancient heritage and their country. The Hindu Gods are the providers of our Hindu identity. Film actors like Aamir Khan, who portray Hindu Gods in a denigrating manner in their films, are not the well-wishers of the Hindus. By denigrating Hindu Gods, they are trying to subvert the culture and politics of this country. Their films should be boycotted. #BoycottLaalSinghChaddha

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