Wednesday, April 6, 2022

The Spy Called R65

How is R65 doing these days. Is he still flying in the Middle East? Is he still a Mossad spy?

In January 2011, R65 made headlines in the newspapers. His story became viral on the Internet. He was captured in the hinterlands of Saudi Arabia and was suspected of being a Mossad spy. At the time of his capture, R65 was armed with sharp claws, sharp beak, beady eyes, feathers, and a GPS tracker of Tel Aviv University. R65 was a Griffon vulture. 

The Israeli authorities said that the bird was not a spy—it was part of their multiyear study of the migratory pattern of vultures. The newspapers and the websites were not convinced. For days they talked about the Israeli use of a vulture to spy on Saudi Arabia.

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