Monday, April 11, 2022

Is Trouble Brewing in India’s Neighborhood?

On 24 February, Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan met Russia’s president Putin in Moscow. This was the first time in 23-years that a Pakistani leader had visited Moscow—their preferred foreign destination is mostly Washington. On 10 April, after a day of high drama, Imran’s government lost the majority in the Pakistani National Assembly. 

Is there a connection between Imran’s meeting Putin and the overthrow of his government? Is it possible that the Machiavellians in Washington did not like Imran’s attempt to cozy up to Putin and so they had him thrown out of power? Whenever a government prematurely falls in any developing country, the Americans are the usual suspects, because they have a long track record of orchestrating the overthrow of democratically elected governments. 

Shehbaz Sharif, who has replaced Imran as Pakistan’s prime minister, is a hardliner. America could use him to destabilize the region and put pressure on India to change its foreign policy and end its economic relationship with Russia.

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