Saturday, August 28, 2021

The Non-Athenian Foundation of Modern West

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” ~ Zeus didn’t say this. He didn’t care about the meek. When Zeus threw his thunderbolts, the meek would die with the evil. The thunderbolts of Zeus do not differentiate between the meek and the evil. The deceptions of Zeus are legendary. His sexual conquests, mostly through the use of deception, include: Hera, Aegina, Alcmene, Antiope, Callisto, Danae, Io, Nemesis, Europa, Ganymede, Leda, Metis, and other women of antiquity. There is no evidence that the exploits of Zeus made the world a better place. 

The religion of Ancient Athens was founded on the exploits of Zeus. The Athenians tried to emulate Zeus in everything—they were violent and warlike. They imposed restrictions on their women. They enslaved the meek. They fought for the sake of fighting with no concern for making the world a better place. They needed to fight because they needed to prove to their Gods that they were violent, valorous, and unbeatable. A warrior’s death was what the Athenian males yearned for. Like Achilles, they chose to die in battle and be forever remembered and honored. 

The legends of Zeus and other Greek Gods are entertaining, but these legends do not contain anything like the good theology that is found in other religions.

Christianity has a lot in common with the religious thought of the Persian and the Hindu Empires. The idea that the meek will inherit the earth was never part of Ancient Athenian tradition. But it was part of the Zoroastrian and Hindu (Vedic and pre-Vedic) traditions. The ideas of last judgement, of paradise and hell, of kings who are bound by the tenets of morality, of not fighting unjust wars, of not killing innocent people, and the insistence on ethical conduct, on being compassionate and forgiving—these are the essential features of Zoroastrian and Hindu traditions, and also the Christian tradition.

All three monotheistic faiths which originated in the Levant have deep connections with ancient Zoroastrian and Hindu thoughts, and they have little to do with the Ancient Athenian religious system which is founded on the exploits of violent and deceptive Gods. When the West accepted Ancient Athenian philosophy, it also received some aspects of the Ancient Athenian religion of Zeus. Fueled by Ancient Athenian philosophy and religion, the West indiscriminately throws its thunderbolts, which mostly descend on the meek.

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