Monday, August 16, 2021

America Should Become Isolationist

Nations should be wary of their allies. In geopolitics, situations can deteriorate rapidly. Today’s ally can be tomorrow’s enemy.

The Soviet Union was far better in picking its global allies than the Americans. There is not one instance of the Soviet’s joining hands with any religious group. Their foreign policy was always true to their communist and atheistic ideology. In Syria, they allied with the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party led by Hafez al-Assad; in Iraq, with Saddam Hussain, a secular socialist; in Vietnam, with Ho Chi Minh’s communist party; in India, with the communist parties; in Cuba, with Castro’s communist party; in Korea, with Kim Il-sung’s WPK; in Britain, with the Labor Party.

When the pro-American Iranian government led by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was overthrown in the 1978 revolution, the American think tanks feared that the new theocratic regime in Iran would join the Soviet camp. That didn’t happen. The Soviets refused to accept the Iranian theocrats as their allies. In fact, communism in Iran was wiped out after the theocrats took over. The Tudeh Party of Iran, which was pro-Soviet Union, used to flourish under Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. In 1982, the Tudeh Party was banned in Iran. In 1988, several Iranian communists were executed.

Unlike the Soviet Union, the American political establishment has no ideological, moral, and political preferences when it comes to foreign allies. They will join hands with any regime or movement—religious fundamentalists, totalitarians, fascists, communists—to achieve their short term political agenda.

In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan’s government trained and armed the Afghan insurgents for defeating the Soviet Union. It didn’t matter to the Americans that culturally and politically America had nothing in common with the Afghans. They didn’t consider the possibility that in the future these insurgents might become a threat to American geopolitical interests. They didn’t consider the fact that the Christian movements and the Islamic movements have been fighting each other for global supremacy since the eighth century. 

If Reagan had not interfered in Afghanistan, the Soviet Union would have transformed this country into a land of secular socialism. America is not meant to be a global power, and certainly not a superpower. This country’s military power is awesome but it has no vision and wisdom to make proper use of this power. America must become isolationist. Every time the Americans venture out of their country, they break some part of the world.

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