Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Pitfalls of Liberty

Liberty can open the right doors but it can open some wrong doors too. Once liberty arrives in a society, it does not confine itself to cutting the bonds of politics; it also cuts the bonds in the areas of morality and culture. 

When the bonds of morality are cut, there is the prospect of amoralism and libertinism; when the bonds of culture are cut, there is the prospect of utopianism and nihilism. A man who is free of political, moral, and cultural bonds is left to face the world on his own. This is not something that most men can manage, and many succumb to the feelings of nothingness, powerlessness, alienation, and anxiety. Many give up on morality and culture and there is a rise in drug abuse, libertinism, and violence. 

Thus, liberty can lead to the masses becoming degenerate, the politicians becoming corrupt, the businessmen becoming totalitarian, and the intellectuals becoming messianic. With the fall in the intellectual, political, and moral standards, society becomes an easy prey to utopian movements which promise to create a new paradise—and this can lead to the decline and fall of the nation.

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