Sunday, April 25, 2021

The Pseudo-Concept: Freedom of the Press

Freedom of the press is a pseudo-concept because it confers on one sector of the economy, the media industry, the status of a holy entity which deserves special reverence, protection, and privileges. But the media industry is just another sector of the economy like the steel industry, the travel and hospitality industry, the small businesses, the independent professionals. Why should they have the freedom, reverence, protection, and privileges that are not awarded to other sectors of the economy? We don’t talk about the freedom of the steel industry, of the travel and hospitality industry. I have never seen the press fighting for the rights of the small businesses and the independent professionals. They want total freedom for themselves while they become complicit in pushing the rest of society into slavery. These media companies are owned by some of the worst crony capitalists, who are part of the corrupt political establishment—they have expropriated too much power and privileges. Freedom of press in our times means freedom for the corrupt crony capitalists—it is a license to loot and lie, and rip apart society by spreading propaganda, disinformation, and fear. In the age of 24-hour news channels, it has become impossible for most people to find the truth about any issue.

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