Monday, April 26, 2021

The Desire to be God

What is the ultimate desire of a theistic mind? To be close to his conception of God. What is the ultimate desire of an atheistic mind? To be God. 

It can be argued that there is a contradiction in the mind of both, the theist and the atheist. Both are lusting for something that is unknowable and unachievable. But the desire of the atheist is far more dangerous, because he wants to be the God, the secular, earthly, living God—this desire gives him the potential to be absolutely merciless and unleash an incredible amount of destruction. He will spearhead or join any totalitarian and murderous movement that will give him the hope of being the God. What will a man not do when his aim is to be the God of all humans! 

The philosopher of post-Bolshevik leftism, Jean-Paul Sartre, himself an outspoken atheist, understood the atheistic mind. Towards the end of his book Being and Time, he writes, “man is a being who wants to be God.” He does not say that he is describing the desire of the atheists like himself, but that is the case.

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