Friday, April 23, 2021

The Fate of the Supporters of Utopia

In a utopia there is no place for those who know the secrets of its creation. When the Jacobins took control of France, in the eighteenth century, their first target for executions were their own supporters, the ones who knew the secrets of the Jacobin project for creating a heaven on earth and could at some point of time reveal the truth to the political rivals of Jacobinism. Something similar happened in the twentieth century, when the Bolsheviks became the masters of Russia. Lenin and Stalin had purged more communists than the leaders of any other country. Millions of communists were banished to the Siberian concentration camps (the infamous Gulags) by Stalin. Most died there and with them died the secrets that they harbored. Currently a new utopia project is underway in the Western countries: A Digital Utopia. The supporters of the Digital Utopia do not realize that they will be the first to face the guillotine or banishment to a concentration camp when the utopians attain total power.

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