Friday, February 12, 2021

The Globalists are Janus-Faced

The globalists are divided into two camps: the internal globalists and the external globalists. The internal globalists demand that their nation should give-up its culture and become like the world; the external globalists want to coerce other nations to become like their own nation. The policies of the internal globalists lead to civil wars, and the policies of the external globalists lead to world wars. Both camps of globalists exist under the umbrella of liberalism (leftism); thus, liberalism and leftism can be said to have become Janus-faced—one side of the face warns the dominant community of their nation of dire consequences if they do not discard their own culture and become like the world, while other side of the face tries to bully the world into becoming like their own nation. The globalists are the biggest source of instability and conflict in a world that has always been and always will be multi-civilizational.

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