Sunday, February 14, 2021

Liberalism Inc.—Too Big to Fail

Liberalism is too big to fail. The pharma and healthcare industry, the tech industry, the banking and insurance industry, the automobile and airlines industry—every major sector of the economy is being run by the liberals. In the intellectual space, the academic industry, the mainstream media, and the movie industry are wholly liberal. 

How do people fight liberalism when the liberals operate every aspect of their life? There is no answer to this question. To overthrow liberalism, means overthrowing your way of life. If liberalism goes down, it will take with it much of the economy and the intellectual establishments. Every product and service, every convenience that makes life worth living, might stop functioning when liberalism goes down. 

Marx has predicted that as capitalism develops it spawns powerful monopolies which drive out small businesses, and when the final stage of capitalism is reached, a single monopoly owns everything. In the twenty-first century, the final stage of capitalism has been reached. The irony is that the single monopoly that owns everything is not capitalistic but leftist: it is Liberalism Inc.

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