Sunday, September 12, 2021

Empire's Slogan: après moi le déluge

An empire, to deserve our support, should practice what it preaches. There has never been an empire that is not hypocritical, that is not savage towards the outsiders while expecting kindness, economic benefits, and respect in return, that does not indulge in propaganda to hold the outsiders culpable for the crimes that it has knowingly committed for making petty geopolitical gains, and that is not disrespectful to the outsiders. Lastly, there has never been an empire that does not believe in the French slogan, “après moi le déluge” (after me, the deluge)—the empires like to brag that they are indispensable for mankind. It is due to such attitudinal problems that the empires lose support of the outsiders and of their own people. They get mired in civil wars and external conflicts. All empires have fallen within 50 years of reaching the peak of their power.

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