Sunday, September 12, 2021

Conservatives: The Inheritors of the Empire

The conservatives didn’t build the modern West. They inherited it from their ancestors. Being born and bred in an empire that had already achieved a certain standard of living, the conservatives have become used to an easy life. They have developed a sense of entitlement and they regard themselves as the sole guardians of their culture. They are pompously verbose while talking about the virtues of their civilization but they have made negligible contributions to the civilization that they see as their own. 

Misusing the law enforcement machinery of the government to suppress dissent, and misusing the military to exploit other countries has always been the conservative way. The conservatives impose restrictions on their own people and they wage wars on other nations. Under conservative regimes, there is generally an expansion in government’s size, expenditure, and power. The conservatives empower the law enforcement and intelligence agencies at the cost of civil liberties. They increase taxes. They wage unnecessary wars. The conservatives do everything that they accuse the left of doing. Most conservatives are pro-war when their nation is winning; when their nation is losing, they turn anti-war.

The conservatives differ from the communists in one respect—communism leads to a quick demise of the nation while conservatism leads to a slow demise. A slow demise is more cruel since it prolongs the agony.

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