Tuesday, July 28, 2020

In Defense of Barbarism

Barbarism is not a bad thing—it’s the lifeblood of a civilization; it’s what enables a civilization to protect itself and conquer; it’s what fuels a civilization’s creativity and cruelty. Both culture and carnage are the hallmark of barbaric people. Every civilization of the past, in its phase of expansion, has been barbaric, and over a period of time when there was a decline in their barbarism, the civilization went into the phase of contraction, and if they could not recover their barbarism, the civilization fell and was soon forgotten. 

In his book The Hour of Decision, Oswald Spengler writes: “Barbarism is that which I call strong race*, the eternal warlike in the type of the beast-of-prey man. It often seems to have ceased to exist, but it is crouching in the soul ready to spring. Given a big challenge—and it is on top of the enemy. It is dead only when Late urban pacifism, with its weary desire for peace at any price, short of that of its own life, has rolled its mud over the generations. That is the spiritual self-disarmament, following on the physical, which comes of unfruitfulness.”

"*I repeat: race that one has, not a race to which one belongs. The one is ethos, the other—zoology."

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